OMNI-Lab: Brochure

Consult our brochure to learn more about OMNI-Lab's functionalities:

March 2018: Ontario, Canada

OMNI-Lab passes 10 million requisitions at IDEXX Canada’s 5 Vet Labs!

March 2018: Ontario, Canada

OMNI-Lab reaches 85 million patient orders at Dynacare’s Ontario (Province of Canada) Operations!

November 2017: Manila, Philippines

Invited as featured guest speakers by local health authorities to the annual “Medical Technologists Society Inc UPM-PGH Pre-Convention and Scientific Meeting”.

September 2017: Lima, Peru

Omnitech Labs attends Techno-Salud in Lima, Peru

September 2017: Manila, Philippines

Invited as guest speakers by the “Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories” for their 14th annual convention.

April 2017: Manitoba, Canada

Dynacare, having used OMNI-Lab in both their Quebec and Ontario (provinces of Canada) operations for nearly two decades, chose to now include their Manitoba (another province of Canada) operations as well.

July 2016: Manitoba, Canada

Unicity Labs chooses OMNI-Lab for their two Manitoba (province of Canada) laboratories

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