Clinical Research Laboratories

  • Expert Clinical Pathology (Biochemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Serology, Coagulation, etc.)
  • Quality, Compliance & Risk Management (optional)

 OMNI-Lab’s Advanced Functionalities…

  • Multilingual  (choice of language according to the user’s preference and choice of report language according to the recipient)
  • 1-2pg Client customizable, unified color reports with multiple lab sections 
  • Seamless inter-application navigation (No need to switch sessions!)
  • Time-Zone Management 
  • Central System Monitoring Console
  • INTERLAB lab Interoperability (No need to re-label specimens)
  • XML Outbound Results system interfaces
  • Specimen Management & Tracking
  • Supports Individual, Multi-Site or Multi-Establishment configurations, plus our optional Database Synchronization capability 
  • Extensive use of barcodes
  • Full Multimedia capabilities 
  • Web Results
  • The best unified Orders management system on the market
  • Integration with state-of-the-art solutions such as:


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